And a bird of prey's flying above
Protects the spirits of the dead
Crimson wings cut the bloodred sky
Gaia swallows their souls of black

On Acheron they shall sail
Longing for the clatches
Enjoy the nasty pleasure of pain
Agony in gory cages

No money for the ferryman
Wisdom shall be the wage
Cruisin' on waves of boiling stone
Expect the dark and enter Hades

Deicide is no crime to recognize the truth
The killin' hawk I see is the angel of death
Genocide's no crime to reach eternal youth

The heaven is orphaned now
No holy town was built
Thy horned lord enters the throne
And crawlinf life he kills

A new race creation in tyrant's reign
Denies the deceivers cross
Even rejects the wicked Lord
Evil apparition, unstoppable curse

A source of blood in the garden of Satan
Easing the thirst of the damned
Feed the demon's serpent
Let the procreation end

Enslave deceiving beings
Suffer extermination
See, thy world dying
Listen to my dark revelation

Enslave the holy men
Brought you extermination
See, thy world is burning
Read the book of dark revelation

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