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Pawn Sacrifice

Buried God

He killed the toy of a goddess
Now he feels the divine wrath
He wanted to fight the soulless
Now the wind's breaking his sword

The hunting goddess rules the sea
A sacrificing king's all she wants
She'll give back the luck and set him free
The blood of his daughter is what she wants

Without emotions, without a doubt
He sent for his shining diamond
An emerald he thought he can't be without
Now he's going to take its light

Like a beautiful swan and eyes so dark
She'll meet her fate and marry the death
The king leads her but stares at her mark
The place he separates body from head

Surrounded by armies of hands
Carried to the stone of streaming blood
A king, a father and also a damned
Executes the divine will for the final cut

Too late to see this is no wedding
Feeling the cold pressed at her neck
Tears in her eyes start melting
Tells her, soon you are dead

A blade forged in fire and blood
Kisses her pumping vein
A silent scream in purple flood
Smothers in bitter sweet rain

Moments like eternity
Full of endless pain
Looking for any charity
Without mercy her life ends

The curse is gone
By the liquid life giver
The mission is done
Sail on Troya's destroyer!