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Buried God

Lost in the dungeon of silence
The coffin was almost closed
A crypt was built for our history
A living cenotaph was our destiny

The king slept for aeons
And darkness conquered the land
But memories awoke the dragon
To start the mayhem again

The angel of death flys again
And a voice screams for the damned
The sound of hell cuts off your head
Rotten corpses, but we are not dead
Taste of blood gives us the might
And still we got the second sight

Atrocities last for eternity
Vengeance is mine, a murder divine
A new attack, it blinds your eye
And spread the plague, by the
Sword he dies

War and submission
Is our final decision

Thousands of men die in their blood
Strike down every coward one by one
Victory's ours and mercy for noone
The field turns red - our work is done