1-900-Jesus-Loves-Me (They Tell Me I'm Going to Hell)

Common Yet Forbidden

We are the lambs, you are the slaughter throw your stones you kill your own. These are the lies that you sell pushed like drugs from plastic pulpits
We are the people you buy from screens across nations we are those who you rape, taking for a god: in mammon you trust you rape our daughters you murder our sons you play us for fools wool over our eyes.
What you own like those you keep murder the wounded slay those who fear open eyes sew them shut fear the mobilization you cut off our legs you cut off our legs we cannot walk we'll keep marching on and on we will never die you hypocrite tell us how to live you who're we, the stain on your sheets?
You sold us short solicit our hearts you gave it away buy your miracles revolution here it comes revolution we burn your cities to the ground revolution of love for your hate the beginning of the end is now.

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