bruise our heel
break your teeth

o death, where is your sting?
exultate deo
of our wordless articulation
of grinding bones

swing wide
o gates of hell
break apart
the jaws of death
the key to the grave
is in your hands
the beloved sings
songs of victory
children sing
your songs of war
beloved sing
we'll catch you the foxes
that ruin our vines
we live for
you cry for
we die for the sound
of grinding bones

unspeakable beauty
none can express
to whom none can compare
nothing restrains
your love for us
o Lord, our God
stand before us
as we struggle on

you stand before us
who can stand before you
you stand before us
none can stand before you

yea, though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil
for you are with me
your rod and your staff comfort me

you bruise our heel
we crush your head
o death, where has your sting gone?

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