wide is the path
that leads to destruction
broad is the road
on the way to despair
steep is the bank
of the lake of fire,
leaving behind a wake of souls

he will judge
the quick and the dead
the proud made low
the rich made poor
there is no hiding
no place of respite
in the lake of fire, wake of souls

cascade into darkness
there is no escaping
the word on the throne
suffer the comfort
tears without number
mourning and wailing
pain that never ends
depart from me
for i know you not
you chose your way
abide in the pit

godess, godess
where have your children gone?
the dogs they lick your bones
the worm it eats your flesh
lead them astray
empty words they pray
for false hope, hollow eyes
destruction and ruin
the gifts of your kingdom
burn in the lake of fire, wake of souls.

harvest, harvest!
the earth is white for the harvest
wheat from chaff,
goats from lambs
set us aside
come for us in time

the earth bows before You
the sky rips in two
all fear and tremble
in the moment of judgement.

reclaim your temple
establish your kingdom
stir the waters
of the lake of fire, wake of souls

your beauty behold
as your glory unfolds
return to the garden
restore us our Lord
escape the torment
run from damnation
turn aside fight the tides
of the lake of fire
this wake of souls

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