salvation coming swift
riding on the wind
bringing words of hope

have faith
oh children of men
the sun rises still
through the darkest of night

awaken the dawn
with your cries of despair
your words of anguish
fall not on deaf ears

surely streams flow
through the desert
from the highest height
to the deepest depth
where can i go
that you are not?
though i run away
this fight cannot be fought

you are with me always
perhaps this pain i feel
is the shepard
breaking the legs of his sheep
i have gone astray
the prodigal
break the legs of this sheep
this is what i pray

as deep calls unto deep
my heart cries out to thee
i am chasing
for you are my salvation
for i have nothing
save your hope for tomorrow
i am running back
Father into your open arms

teach me
i will hear your words
write on my heart
the laws of your love
burn in my bones
a fire that cannot be quenched
sing in my ear
your song of songs

King of Kings
Lord of Lords
let me be
a fragrant offering
a sacrifice
to you my king
accept the prodigal

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