to the faithful departed
to those passing on
do not forget
the love of the one

laid to rest
interred into all
feeding the roots
of the tree of life

sleep in heavenly peace
knowing that we all
fade away in time
fade away in time
death has no memory
only beginning
and time
in the end
we only chase wind

set your hand to the plow
and carry on down the road
let the dead bury their own
as for us we carry on

for precious
in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his saints
do not weep for me
do not weep for me
for you will see me in time
when i am counted among

add me to your fold
embrace me in your arms
for in that moment
i will shine

shine on
in the end
we only chase wind
so shine on

i am waiting for you
chasing the wind

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