My name is renee laloo
And im gonna sing a song for you about love an how love can tear you apart

It was a night like any other in this town
I took a bus to take a look around
I wanted romance, i wanted someone just like you
But you were locked up in bristol zoo

It was the summer maybe back a year or two
On my first day trip to the zoo (zoo)
Thats when i saw you, i caught your brown eyes watching mine
My heart lit up at feedin' time (time)

I knew from that moment onwards, you had to be mine
I made a vow to set you free
Together we could live in the forest and be
Eatin' berries an kissin each other (forest an be)

It wasn't natural, i knew this romance was so true
I had to love you, i had to hold ya in my arms
But we were parted by bars (aah)
And so i stuck round, waited 'till the dead of night
I climbed the enclosure with you (oooo)

I put a wig on, your head to make you look so nice
I bought a dress an high heels too (toooo)
We had a meal, fresh fruit by candle light
An then we made love till two oooooo

I love the monkey
An then he fucked her
I love the monkey
An then he fucked her
I love the monkey
An then he fucked her
I love the monkeeeeyyyyy an then i fucked her

You see, theres someone special in my life
Someone i hold very close to my heart
But we could never be together in a crazy world like this
'cuz the woman of my dreams just happens to be a monkey...
Locked up in bristol zoo

We made a dummy, from boxes an banana skins
And told the keeper it was you(oooooo)
We walked away, hand in hand across the park
And then went back home just to screw (screwoohooohooo)


Finally, me an jolene were together
For the first time in months, she saw the outside world
She saw beautiful people, beautiful places
But she saw my love in its physical form
Which she enjoyed the most
Untill the authorities came an took her away
And i got given that injection to stop me gettin' rabees
I love her and i still think about her
And maybe somewhere out there, shes listenin

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