From the dawn of time they came, travelling silently down through the centuries, devoted to the ancient code of leisurewear and smoking draw, upon completing their journey, they assembled in the spiritual epicentre of all things safe and thus began the task of converting all unsafe un-believers

'ere we go, feel my fukin' flow
Like john luc piccard from star-trek, the show
We're living life hard and smoking on the joe
Page three model giving my cock a blow

I'm not square but you're wrecked if you tangle
With a chain like mine that goes fukin' jingle jangle
I know all the bouncers, i never have to wait
They even gives me all the fukin' draw they confiscate

Sit down and rest your bones
Put the glc loud on your fukin' headphones
Show us a bong and smoke two cones
And have a game of snooker down fukin' capones

Some people believe hip-hop's from harlem
Fcuk that we're coming live from st balam
Keepin' it raw for the tricky third album
Keeping it slick for the nuns in llantarnam

Chorus -
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

My mind's filled with electricity
I wanted to do this shit since the age of three
But then i didn't know about the glc
So i bought a fukin' chain and jumped from a tree

To the floor, then learnt to smoke draw
I met up with my mate, p xain and some more
We got wrecked and went fukin' mad
And made a few songs that upset my dad

Some of them were sick and some were insane
And we lost a band member who's name was hussain
He went away for a week and a day
And he hasn't come back so his rhymes, he can't say

Adam hussain did too much cocaine
There were too many drugs running through his veins
Two thousand pounds overdrawn on his statement
Now he's doing cold turkey in the fukin' basement

I got drunk and was sick in the bogs
And on the long walk home through (?)
I go's down town to the talisman
To sell ectasy from the back of a van

Delivering lyrics that'll cut you like a razor
Traveling at the speed of light, just like a laser
Fuk with your head, didn't mean to phase ya
I like dressing up, spa - trainers, tracksuit and a blazer

Chorus -
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

Suckin'(?) and smokin' marijuana
Having a drink and dancing in cubana
I go's down there with a girl called alana
Apparently she works in havana

I go's down town with no apprehension
I go's to the shop and i buys ten benson
And the guy behind the counter, he asks us to mention
I'm in the glc and they're out of the question
He says, 'get out, you make me feel sick'
So i walks away and calls him a prick

I go's down the leisure-centre and uses the gym
And afterwards i have a swim
I got thrown out for smokin' the draw
And lying on the ladies changing room floor
They said, 'get out, son, you've done this before
You even got caught naked on the m4'

They were sick, but they were right
He was sick in the mind but he had a good night
The glc, they're fukin' intense
But they can make a hundred quid outta fifty pence

You feel the pressure, it feels fukin' intense
But the glc makes loads of fukin' sense
When you think about it, it makes loads of sense
But when you don't think about it, i don't make no sense

Chorus -
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

It's like a foreign language, like german or dutch
You listen for a while but you don't know much
So you sit down for a couple of hours, you see
It starts to make sense, it's the glc

It's all about having tracksuits and chains
And getting wrecked and fukin' puking out your brains
Or blasting your ring with loads of weird shit
Cos you're fuked up on drugs and you fukin' love it

If you wanna converse then you gotta learn the lingo
It's a game like darts or some bingo
Traveling in a car fast down the road
The glc, it's like a fukin' code

It gets you into places that make your mind explode
Like the women's bogs up the fukin' toad
Don't stop it and save a few quid on barbers.
It was fukin' murder from the start
The glc are like fine art
I gotta say, you knows it, clart

Chorus -
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
You, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

Goldie lookin' chain, safe as fuk for the year 02, respect to the maindee boys, glc, back once again,
The pill massive, steady crew, beechwood posse, risca, alway, barrack hill, baneswell, handpost, belle view, massive respect to lloyd ganja 99, safe as fcuk, you knows it!

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