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Are y'all ready, are y'all ready, are y'all ready, are y'all ready (yeah)
Are y'all ready, are y'all ready
I don't think they're ready (uh uh) (nah) (no, uh uh)
You all ain't ready for this (huh)

R. U. Ready - "Are y'all ready for this cuz if you are
Pump ya fist like this"
R. U. Ready -"Keep it goin' on and on we gonna
Rock it baby all night long"
R. U. Ready -"Put ya hands in the air come on
Wave em like ya just don't care" (huh)
R. U. Ready -"Come on, come on" R. U. Ready (yeah yeah)

We gonna do the damn thing so I hope y'all ready
Savage Man's gonna rip the microphone like confetti
And rock steady you should've never got me started
In this rap game now y'all are dearly departed
That's retarded a wrestler comin' off like this
One that's lyrically inclined with a mic in his fist
It's the Savage man with the master plan
I gotcha wavin' ya hands saying That's My Jam
Now everybody's kind shocked and amazed that
Macho Man's got yo head in a daze and
I'm bout to start a brand new rap craz cuz
I'll crush ya in the ring as well as the stage
So everybody come on put ya hands up high
Cuz we're coming with a sound that you can't deny
It's the M-A/-C-H/-O-M/A-N
No I'm not playin' I got the place in mayhem


I'm as ready as ever like the batteries
And like Q-tip I'll make 'em stop and breathe
Cuz when I perform they all swarm like bees and
I rock the show with the greatest of ease
So everybody put em up there ain't no half steppin'
If ya came to start trouble step the other direction
In this section it's bout the party connection
We came to party hard you don't need that weapon
So if ya didn't come to party get your butt outta here
Just vacate the premises and disappear
We're here to rock the house at full throttle
And after we turn it out we're poppin' bottles
Girls in my face that look like playboy models
And when they hear Macho's voice their knees start to wobble
So Let's Get It On we can jam all night
And we can rock and we can roll til the broad daylight


All my people on the east coast (R Ya'll Ready)
Everybody on the Westside (R Ya'll Ready)
All my down south peoples (R Ya'll Ready)
All my Midwest folks (R Ya'll Ready)


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