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This one goes out to my real close friend and buddy
Curt Hennig A.K.A. Mr. Perfect just want to
let you know that you're missed but you'll never be forgotten
You've always been an incredible friend and we just want
you to know that we've got your back buddy
system style from Macho Man Randy Savage

Hey Curt we miss you but we know you're in a better place
It's kinda hard as time goes on and I don't see your face
So I'm clinchin' and I'm holdin' on to memories
Remember the times rollin' strong just you and me
It's real hard sometimes to keep it goin' day to day
But I know you wouldn't want it any other way
So I keep it movin' doin' what I gotta do
And as a tribute I'm dedicating this song to you

You were my perfect friend
Right there until the end
I'm forever missin' you
Until we meet again
Can't explain this pain
Never felt like this
Mr. Perfect don't you know
That you'll be truly missed

Mr. Perfect's the name it'll never be forgotten
As long as Macho's around I'm a keep ya spot in
Wrestling history cuz you were all about perfection
It's not a mystery that wrestling was the right selection
Cuz you were one of the best very high on my list
Not just in the ring but outta the ring you're dearly missed
But your name lives on we carry on your legacy
Cuz the passion that you left with us lives on in me


We remember Mr. Perfect (you know you'll be truly missed)
He was always in command (you know you'll be truly missed) [x3]
His greatness was so obvious
That all could understand

He brightened up a locker room (you know I'm missin' you (missin' you)
He made the time go by (how much you'll never know (never know)
He had personality (deep in our hearts we'll never ever forget you)
Gregarious, not shy

He really was perfection
But now he's gone away
We're lucky to have known him
And we'll miss him everyday
Mr. Perfect


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