(feat. DJ Kool)

Yeah everybody hit the floor right now
It's time to get the party started
This is the legendary DJ Kool with my man
Macho Man Randy Savage (ooo yeah)
We gonna show everyone in the building how to hit the floor
We comin' off the top ropes right now
Make some noise

[VERSE 1 (DJ Kool)]
Oh, here we go with a banga
The Macho Macho Man and the microphone swinger (yeah)
One time ladies here we go
Get your hands in the air if you're ready for the show (come on)
From the floor to the ceiling
DJ Kool rock the whole damn building (yeah)
Everybody on the right (come on)
Get ya hands in the air if ya ready for tonight (unn huh)
If you ain't take ya dead body home (get outta here)
Now you can party by yourself or party all alone (all alone)
I don't give a damn what you did before
Just as long as you gettin' your bad behind up on the floor (ooh yeah)
One time to the beat don't stop
Get em up, get em up if ya wanna get it hot
Say Hell Yeah, (hell yeah) Now Scream

East Coast, West Coast, everybody worldwide get ya hands in the air
Hit The Floor
Right side, Left side, inside, outside, this side, that side
Come On Hit The Floor
Ya'll ready to party Hell Yeah
Ya'll wanna do it now Hell Yeah
Ya'll really ain't ready Hell Yeah
Ya'll want some more Come on Hit the Floor

[VERSE 2: Macho Man]
Comin' right back at cha it's Macho Man
D.J.'s in the club slam this jam
I'm comin' with the heat that's sizzlin' hot
When they drop this beat it's blowin' up the spot
I told you before that I'm a Tear It UP
And I'm a tell you again I'm bout ta Kick Some Butt
So don't sleep I'm constantly droppin' a bomb
Like on ya CD-rom it's MachoMan.Com
New school wreslters take it from me
This game's like school ya gotta earn a degree
It's a compliment when y'all imitate me
But it's war if you try to intimidate me
S. O. H. K's the curriculum
That's the School Of Hard Knocks we don't pick no bums
So you gotta be hard if you expect to pass
Or hit floor real fast if ya fail my class


[VERSE 3: DJ Kool & Macho Man]
Un Huh Un Huh Un Ooooh Yeah
D.J. Kool and Macho Man up in here
Comin' in with a beat that bangs
So everybody in the club can shake that thang
I'm the known bad boy of the wrestlin' game
And I'm the known party rocka of the D.J. thang
Hey the ol' school is in the house
We gonna rock the beat we gonna turn it out
Say I am, Now say ya name
Say where ya come from, Now scream
Somebody say I am, Now say ya name
Say where ya come from, Now scream


Yeah this the legendary DJ Kool, along with my man
The most powerful wrestler in the world
Randy Macho Man Savage (Ooh Yeah) Uh huh
Uh huh, Uh we outta here y'all (oh)

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