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(feat. AJA)

Come on baby, I wanna be your lady, you drive me crazy

Chillin' at the club late night it's time to have fun
Work hard play hard that's the slogan
All the ladies stare when we step up in the place
Got a cutie she's a beauty all up in my face
When it comes to partyin' it's goin' down
When we hit the floor best show in town
In the VIP ladies all around
Raskulls and me bout to put it down
Everybody's dancin' havin' a ball
Got their hands in the air no one's on the wall
Saw a dime at the bar bout 5 feet tall
She gave me the number and said give me a call
This type of thing happens every occasion
Don't get caught up that's not in the equation
Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind
But right now I'm tryin' ta have a real good time come on

Come on baby, I know you see me lookin'
I wanna be your lady, Let's get the party cookin'
You drive me crazy
I like your style you got game
Hey I guess it's just a Macho Thing

Everybody's movin' with their hands in the air
I like the girl over there with the long, blonde hair
Shakin' her thing like it's the end of the world
She's lookin' our way her and all her girls
Up in the club center of attention
Me and my crew at the bar big pimpin'
Ladies pointing cuz they're interested
They step to us and put in their bid
And we don't mind cuz they're lookin' lovely
They wanna chill cuz we're poppin' bubbly
They wanna hang out at the after party
Meet us later on in the hotel lobby
It's 2 A.M. bout time to go
Pay off the tab then we hit the door
Then I asked the girls what ya wanna do
Whatever ya want boo we're rollin' with you


C'mon baby, I wanna be your lady, you drive me crazy
Hey I guess it's just a Macho Thing [x2]


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