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What's That All About (Pretty Lady)

Macho Man Randy Savage

Oh man, what's goin' on
I'm not trying to go through all this drama

Hey baby what's the problem?
You know I'll do anything in the world baby girl just to solve 'em
Cuz all I wanna do is make ya smile
And bring joy to ya life I ain't tryin' to be foul
Cuz I'll never doubt you I'm all about you
Tell you the truth I can't breathe without you
By my side through trying times
And I knew right then I had to make ya mine
I won't creep in the streets cuz the feeling's deep
Come home make love and fall fast asleep
The fame's cool but you really complete me
And I never felt this way about another so deeply

First ya love me, then ya hate me
Wanna leave me, pretty lady
Can ya tell me
What's that all about

When I wake up in the morning first sight I see is your face
And that feelin' that we share can't be replaced
Even when we fight I know we're gonna work it out
Cuz the last thing I wanna do is scream and shout
I wanna keep ya happy not just financially
But mentally, physically, romantically
I know it's funny cuz I'm usually slammin' cats
Elbow off the rope in a wrestlin' match
But you see ya bring out another side of me
You got my trust fo life you never lie to me
Whatever ya need I'll make it possible and do it
And no matter the obstacle we'll get through it


Sometimes it seems like this was meant to be
And other times I hear ya sayin' get away from me
But through the good and the bad you always got my back
And that's the case vice versa I know you know that
You always pick me up when I'm fallin' down
You give me a hand when I'm flat on the ground
And I'm glad that you're the one that I found
Cuz I can count on you when I need you around
Not a fair weather friend you were there through the storm
You're not after Macho's money cuz you're far from the norm
In times of need there's nuthin' you wouldn't do
And through the ups and the downs I can depend on you uh


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