Corpse ground up from looted
Remains disinterred
From the essential salts, stored
To be raised from hell
The monstrous conception

Of unhallowed
Rites and deeds
Summoned to live again
Rebirth deformed hemorrhaged
A tortured soul denied
His death

Enthralled to serve from an incinerated past
Resurrected beyond the grave
Twisted by madness
Soon to be returned
Back ashes again

Dormant minds
Awake, think again
Centuried festering spawn
Spewing forth rot, filth ridden flesh

Viral populace, cursed infecting
Plague eats tissue life ceased
Withered stumps, souls raped
Sludge heaps
A new being to immortality
Never call up that which can’t be
Put back down
The breeding of an unknown

Hell gains life from dust
Embodies in a God
That thrives on flesh
And blood
Epidemic, dead men rise
Rotten skin hangs decayed

Cadaveric piles of horrid pus
Gutted corpse fuse as one
Wandering the dead world
Carnitropes, eat the last human

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