Exit a world
Which tests, which way out
Entrance through means of a box
Arrival unknown
In an eternal bloodstained pain

Visions, of damned souls, hung from hooks
Praying for their death
As they stretch from embedded nails
Brought here, the victims of the damnation game

Soldiers, in the legion of the damned
Rule this war on flesh
Blue skinned angles of order
Of hell, this labyrinth of agony
Of hell

Pleasure, nothing but pain
Ripped for eternity
The price of this game
Unholy pit, flesh vat of darkness
My witness of rituals, from infinity
My age of pain has arrived
Marked, a morbid visage a malady
Will know my flesh

For this infamy
The crunching of bone
Fills the air
Chains flail to meet my skin
Steel to be my punishment
All afflictions, of a living post-mortem
Their flesh doll, my soul to take

Spikes are driven through my wrists
Desire accelerated to become deceased
Just the beginning of their perpetual butchery
My final un-resting place
My essence stream my back
Left there by his hand
This eternally alive, death

My only wish to die
To know this will not come
For endless torment I will get
The dark lord’s game, never to descend
Into the way of all flesh

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