Madmen, takes my life
Another death patterned once again
Blasphemeric interinent
My carcass drug into
This putrid grave
As my skin dose rot
My lifeless body deals with this pain

Awake I sleep
This death, an agony to profane
Oozing rot surrounds my flesh
Other victims badly decomposed
Necrosis of my brain
My innards seep out, my ripping skin
All my tissue turns to gel
The pain as it dribbles from my bones

Immersed in this sludge
Diseased painful decay
Flesh ripping
Inside, now out
Cold bowels, festered meat
Dripping fat fills the ground
The intertwine
Of sickened innards

This septic bath
Of adipocere
I do feel
My corpse
Nothing left by corroded bones
In this pit
Of infectious remains
The sockets of my skull

Fill up with vile slime
I slowly sink
My decayed deaths become

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