Brain dead, not the dead
Awakened from eternal rest
Again undead tainted corpse
Carcass rise again
Disemboweled creations
The walking of the dead
Miskatonic massacre
Injected in the head
Playing God

With putrefied parts
To create a dead life gone
Bring back, what has now left
Excruciating deaths are prolonged
Proclaimed creator
Re-animator of the dead
Annou ncement of a new lord

Embalmed veins flow within
Live, but dead
Brain dead zombies
Killing no control
Created by a madman
Summoned from the grave
Puzzles built with decayed flesh

Mutants, made from rot
Now how a new God
Kill, suffer, create
Dismember, reborn, re-animate
Time elapsed as life now begins
A maniacal behavior
Of a brought back death

Now having to kill again
The remains of this life once dead
Restructure human’s life
Experimental surgery
Nefarious ways

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