Reality of, the dead live
A growth which left life scarce
The spread, to infect by death
Their yearn for flesh, it s drive to exist
To eat, only the instinct now left
A population, where corpses walk
Trapped underground
A fight to stay alive

Undertaking, the carving of living dead
Experiments, to learn why they feast
Dissections, find no need to be
Just living meat, fulfill it s crave
Driven to stalk, by the core
Chosen, from a necropolis pen
Surgical means, to explain

Of occupants above, who wander till
Time leaves Immobile from decay
Punishment, from the creator
Who visited a curse upon us
An army of rot
To devour till none

All to walk in death
Of ripped for meal, to feed
Above and below as one
Both to shuffle off a mortal coil
Humanity now fallen
For this day of the dead

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