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Straight Curve

Pat McGee Band

We're going down a straight curve, all along the while.
And people have you heard, all about the child.
Up above God asked you, won't you hold it down
Feeling out way through, digging up the sound.
And the blanket of hope surrounds us, feeding our everythought.
Covering us from all the bad luck, want to never be caught.

We can see the lightening now, blinding our eyes somehow.
We will do as we're told, standing by out very souls.
Wishing only what should not be, won't somebody answer me
Out of sight, not out of time, soon we're running out of time.

We're going down a straight curve, thing never look the same.
Life seems so absurd, ain't it time for a change.
The old ones for the new kind, you can't leave the home.
It's gonna get worse with time, but you're no longer alone.
And if the ball rolls off sand hill road, someone's there to seeit down
"This cup's half full" is the way we chose, The only wayaround.

We're going down a straight curve, Trying not to lose outminds.
Holding on at every turn, never keeping between the lines.
Virginia's always home to us, feeding out heads with hope.
We don't think about it much, cause we know we'll always know
If the time runs out on our show somehow, you'll be there to turnit back
So check your coat; you'll be here for now, realizing what wehave.

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