It's certainly not true
You'll remember what's important to you
I've been waiting for a simple tune
So we could leave some room
For the memories that lie in chalk and ruin

The sea is not angry
It's only perceived
That way
When you try to conquer the waves
That its throwing at you everyday

I'm taking all my steps
I got a new downstairs neighbor but I haven't met him yet
Small town, streetlight fever or regret
I don't smoke but I like cigarettes

The summer life's been swept away and the colder shoulder older ages are pushing you away but let's stay above


It was surprising to see
She had remembered it so perfectly
Beautifully, flawlessly
I kicked myself for forgetting

It was romantically relieving
To find out what I had been believing
For so long
Was empty
It was so pretty

We'd both been feeling our way through dim, thin hallways and talking to each other through collided weekdays

We're aboveboard
Floating slowly from shore to shore
Tomorrow's drawer

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