Everybody get up
Everybody get out
It's time to
Wade the bodies in waves
Make the most of your day
And climb through
Those crowded stairwells
And vapor trails of
Ideas from the silver screen
You slide to angle
Through the tangle
Of the dayful, painful scene

So, run the power lines
To electric times
By no surprise we find
Flawed rules cruise cruel misaligns
It's fine, alright
If there's no warning who we are now
We can only hope to say
That the tracks you make aren't the ones you hate
When you come back changed

Good day, goodnight
I want it, too!

Buckle down for the season
Hoping for good reason

Good day, goodnight
I want it, too!
Cruel misaligns
I'm coming through!
'Cause I want it, too!
I want it, too!

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