Nick's got his smoking sticks
He's driving miles a day
He's trying to hold on
To another last chance

He chastises drug addicts
He says the drinks are not strong
But he's almost smoked
20 filtered cigarettes

So, if you have to let me down
Don't be afraid
'Cause I know I will let you down
In some other way
"Why I'm not great"
C'mon and say it with me
When your ordinary day
Folds into a copy again

Your daddy's got a reputation
And your momma don't clean
And I used to know
What made you so mean

You set your sunset strip
And now you've got to swallow it
You were already 19
And you'll always be news to me

So, if you have to let me down
Do it today
'Cause Lord knows we may dare to say
Something great
"Why I'm not great"
Oh, 'cause risks are not fate
'Cause my bed ain't made
And I get laid
And my math ain't straight

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