Another cool move
From head to toe
These thoughts could blow out an airbag
Another cool move
My name is backlash
I can't remember the flashback
A burned out contrast
Black is the bomblast
To be skinned out

Another cool move
No move at all
I'm linking along that jingling song
And i sing this jingled song, too

No cunning, wispy hair
And no smiles cut to the cake pan
I want it kept simple
I want it as black as white can be
I want it to be caught
Put up on the spot
I shouldn't ever fit
In the slot that well

Another cool move
No thinking time
It's just a reach out to me and mine
And those eyes, it's hard to make them lay
Artsy pate, oh no!

No thinking at all
I'm just floating on the route of a changed man
No cunning, wispy hair
No kyle's cut to the cake pan

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