Well, I don't forgive you
And I don't forgive me
Cause it's places like these
It's pretty plain to see

Well, it's not easy
We're hard earned in sin
Outright upset, outraged and taut
Mindless and burdened

Now, we might fall
But it's the brawl that won't live

Oh, cause it's love
It's love
It's love I forgive
Yeah, it's love
It's love
It's love I forgive

So, skyscrapers
They sway from side to side
And even lawmakers
They only do what they think is right

So, if you float like a green spade leaf
You're gonna land in the crick
You spin and turn all those turtles
Topple over 'til you sink like a brick

And if it's a hobby
You're just window-shopping love

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