Stayed up late again watching t.v. with my best friend

Laughing at the late night show

I don't know what's wrong with me, i got to get some rest

If i don't stay up all night and sleep all day i aint at my best


Yes we are beer drinkers, yes we are hell raisers

People get out of our way where ever we go we go, we go, we go

Yes we are beer drinkers, yes we are hell raisers

But we're still the nicest guys you'll ever know

Here i go out again i'm gonna go down to harry's and meet my friends

Sit down and drink me a picture of beer

George jones on the ol' juke box, a friend of mine just bought a lot of

Wiggle worms for all of us to eat hey!


Three o'clock, there running us out a friend of mine began to shout

Denny's on piney we're on our way

We get there and we raise some hell, the orders come out and i began to smell

Moons over myhammy for me hey!


I wake up and feel like sin, tell myself that lie again

Yall tonight i swear i'm not gonna go back out

But when night time rolls around you know where we can all be found

Diggin' in our pocket's for another cold beer hey!

(chorus 2x)

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