Last night an old friend called me up and said put your clothes on son

Come out and meet me I'm watchin' Rollin' in the Hay

We sat talked all night long about him, his son, and his wife

And how the years just seem to slip away


Last night we were drinkin' beer, talkin' 'bout our younger years

And all the things we thought we did alright

Like pickin' guitars in the moonlight, sittin' by a fire

Smoozin' on the girls we really love

Now we're both married men, seems we're done with our wilder ways

To say we've come this far well I am amazed

But who's to say that we don't deserve the good things in our lives

Just because we had a little fun along the ride


We'd throw on our overalls and head to the river bank

Fish and drink until the break of dawn

Now he's got a pretty wife and child, hey I gotta pretty wife too

But to say we're done with our care free days oh son you'd be a fool


Repeat first line of chorus

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