Ain't It Great To Be Alive

Wayne Mills Band

I sat down to think about my life and started seeing thing so clear
I've done some things that made my dear ole' momma cry
Then again, I've done a lot that made her smile

You dad told me, when I was young, I could do just about anything
From this day on I'm gonna keep both hands on the wheel
I'm gonna put that hammer down, stay the course, and let it fly


Well nothing's gonna slow me down, lord I'm on my way
And the futures gonna hand me brighter days
Aint life great, don't it beat all, I'm gonna have myself a ball

Aint it great to be alive
Lookin' back on my youth I can't help but smile when I think about the times with my best friend

Racin' sticks down Thompson falls, the loser never lost at all
We'd go back to top and we'd start again
Buildin' forts in Rollin' Hills, reckin' bikes, we had some spills
spin the bottle with the girl next door
Yea we'd fight and fuss, spit and cuss, we we're team it was them or us
And it was great to be alive


Well if your ever feelin' kinda low, circumstances bring you down
Raise the blinds and let the sun shine through and just take a look around
Think of something that makes you smile, things aren't near as bad as they seem
Step outside and get some fresh air, dance around like you don't care
And watch your worries drift away


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