The sun was comin' up I couldn't settle down

I took my time and just drove around

I hit all back roads in my hometown

I got a little happy, I got a little sad

I couldn't decide if it was good or bad

My little hometown had begun to grow


Our trails are gone but they found their place

I think there showin' in my face with

With each new line I find around my eyes

They can cut the trees, cut the bush

But we can always say that it was us

We were the ones who broke the ground in our little hometown

I drove by Charlie Griffins place

His trailers gone but I have to say

That new brick house is very nice

There's a big house out in the field

Where I used to pick briars from my heels

And our old trails are runnin' through their yard


If you look real hard and listen close you can hear me laughin' and see my ghost

Runnin' through the trails of my hometown / my little hometown / my little hometown


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