Tired of my surroundings, I need a little time away from home
Tired of living that narrow road and got the urge to roam
So I packed up my saddle bag and headed on down the line
Looking back on that little town Lord I'm leaving it far behind

I was crossin' Dixie wondering if I'd ever see her again
Crossin' Dixie I got my steel horse laid back in the wind
Those fields of white and starlit nights you know I'll surely miss
How could the best of ole Milwaukee be any better than this… I was crossin' Dixie

A E D (2x)

I took a left on that old highway determined to give it my best
With a world of time and a open mind I was heading west
The Colorado Rockies started coming into view
It was nothing I'd ever seen or ever knew

I was crossin' Denver thinking that I'd found me a new home
Crossin' Denver now I realize why I decided to roam
Some people say it's heaven and from the looks I could agree
It took lots of time for me to find that it's much too high for me

There's something about a southern wind while it's whistling through the pines
And the mighty arms of the great white oaks been holding me just fine
There's something about a southern belle that keeps me in line
And it all came clear as my horse was nearing that Mason Dixon Line

And I was crossin' Dixie, I'm coming home, I coming home to stay
Crossin' Dixie I learned my lesson in the time I spent away about crossin' Dixie

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