This Sudden Loss Of Innocence


It was a gorgeous night.
And just past the light pollution
The stars were dancing in the ballroom sky.
The ocean breeze smelled just right
And flowed past the appalachians,
A few hundred miles away and took the floor.

The screams grew louder as he opened the door
He smiled sadly as he held out his palms and passed the torch.
While her blood flowed like crimson ribbons in a liquored sea.
Just fucking kill me she begged. so, i lit a match to set her free.

It was so beautiful
And i just sat among the grass and watched the fire and the stars.
The house went up in smoke
And as i watched it flash and roar i wondered who we really are.

The niacin and vicodin dissolved under her tongue
151 and shattered glass, the pathetic mess that she had become.
A hotel for the night with a noose as his argument.
My father dealt with their fight.

Don't flinch, wince, or close your eyes
Put away the medicine and whats left of your souls.
Breathe, gauge, improvise
Life is for the living to collect your dirty clothes

The perfect ending is always in the honest truth
That ive become the poster child of tired youth
The one every son vows to never be.

I sing for my abandon so close your eyes
I weep in the innocence that once was life
I scream for conversation so i improvise. i once was invincible.

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