Foto do artista Weakend

Mayday! Mayday! (A Day In May)


A day in May.
Cut the cord and leave the lights out.
We'll pull our guns out, take our paces while tripping on laces
And your heart races as sweat beads down our faces and burns our eyes.
You know I never wanted this, it will be our test.
We'll finally put this to rest.
I want you dead as much as I want you alive,
so I can sing you to sleep tonight.
Our sweet romances, like barbed wire fences,
break my hands and rip my pants.
And I love how that sweater matches your eyes,
but your smile doesn't go with your insides.
When I lie you on your back,
steel between your shoulder blades, and we'll wait for a trainwreck.
This could be our claim to fame and everyone will know us by the stains we made.
So hold on just long enough to let go... just before the ground begins to shake.
Oh my God, I think I'm losing it.
Someone call a nurse before this goes too far.
We'll be together soon and if I'm going straight to hell for this I'm taking you with me.
All these sirens just sound so familiar.
Adieu. Adieu,
I do thank you but this is something we'll have to work for.
Third time's a charm and you know how I like it.
Keep screams to a whimper, you know I'm committed.
Fasten your seatbelts, I'm heading straight for the wall.
This is a test, prepare for the lecture.
This is the last time we'll dismiss as mere conjecture.
Take what you can get because I'm not letting myself get involved again.
We'll bring our knives to the party and we'll cut a rug,
stab and dance and fall madly in love.
April showers bring May flowers but I guess it's safe to say
that all the rain in the world can't save you from me.
But what if proving you wrong was killing me too?

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