Foto do artista Weakend

The Night I Set The Sky On Fire


I'll bite my nails down to the skin as i sketch and plan the artistry,
Use these wires as tapestry and turn the sky to ash and debris.
Step by step with our broken knees while you gouge at your eyes so religiously
And you'll never see how i stripped the wires for the first time.
The glue in the sky can't hold the stars in place forever,
They have to fall some time, so let's start a fire.
Just get it over with and strike flint vs sulfur,
As i watch you suffer, as the flames get taller and your life goes under.

I'll celebrate your ashes.
I'll toast to that.
Celebrate your ashes.
I'll toast to that.

You're like the rest of them my darling.
So empty this bottle and feel restored as your head hoards towards the floorboards.
Isn't that what you deserve? after all we hadn't have a chance this autumn.
Our luck went out like the choices, and you chose to wave the gun towards me.
What happened to 50/50. since day one you've been a relentless headache,
But more than loyal through and through. (thank god something snapped inside of you).
You should know by now that i come prepared for circumstance like this
So don't be surprised when the leaving intake valves causes this engine in flight to miss.
Everything happens for a reason.
But we happened to reason everything and ruin everything else.
I'd do it again to know why you thought you could get away,
When their still searching for fingerprints and evidence on the other 86, victims.
Please, anyone, i'm dying for a new technique.
Destroy the evidence. i can still hear the resonance.
Take this knife away from me and use it to your benefit.
I'll celebrate your ashes, i'll toast to that.
You and i, perfect partners in crime but after trying to take my life,
I owe you the favor. the engine dies, the captain cries.
Your life before eyes. this is how i say goodbye.
I set the sky on fire tonight.

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