Glass will encircle my body
As I wrap my indulgence around this tree
In a state like this, at a time like this
It's worth the accident

And this parallel state just above the city streets
I can fully develop while debris and light swallow me
And the asphalt is clearly impending
That's where you'll find me

Only in a dream
Can you live a full life in an instant
Can you take someone's life then forget them
Can you give up your soul and existence
Just for the sigh of relief

You're an autumn victim, like falling leaves
A terror in the dark of night
A blinding fire, a guiding light
If we held on like lovers and stayed under the covers
We could've stayed warm but instead

I've got silver coins for the eyes of my patients
So the reaper doesn't sense
Ignored financial obligations
We're all television screens,
We're watching families
Where life is nothing more than just a dream

Can I stitch both my eyes, can I forfeit
When I fall from the skies while I forget
When I wake in this hospital, kicking and screaming
'What have I become?'
Repeat only in dreams

I'm a terror in the dark of night
A blinding fire, a guiding light
A haunted child of strife and breath
Sent to filter life and death

This is where you'll find me.

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