Foto do artista Astriaal

As Mist Befell The Ruins


Amongst the woods I've roamed
Beyond the ancient gates
The loss of fear
As I resurrect the staff that spears the liege
Immortal battle spear
The tide of Heathens disgraced in his sovereignty
Mountains freezing, thus binds the burning sky
Their silver peaks first to meet encroaching night
An aspirant haunting, ignites the flames within
Sands [of time] burn, hidden is a lost kingdom

Stratosphere, unite a freezing sky
In death so near shadows now fly
Secret legions, the planets are as one
Cosmic, dismal rays alight the forming [Expiration]
A dusk filled yearn, I perceive the ways of yore

Across the chambers, a guiding presence lies
I pledge to bleed a sacred rite
Desire burning inside
As I bled in ruins... enriched!
With stars burning I lay
A birthright, a vision... 'tis thane I sense!

As a veil this night enshrouds... enshrines!
As an earthly chill inspires...enslaves!
A silent embrace defies senses
[For I] witness this lifes's... end!
In a land of dreams, I reach my grave

The stars remain, reside to roam
With eyes to raise, to transcend, to face spirits
Enlighten, frozen... the ancient eyes within!
Drown in sorrow, return to rest
In death we travel, thy treasured stars await

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