Foto do artista Astriaal

Glories of the Nightsky


I raise thine eyes to the heavens
A most seductive silence
Infinite abyss
Of majestic wonder

Entrance the eyes for I am thy beholder
Envisaged realms of lost forbidden sights
Aeons depart, Frozen in time
I enter these gates of celestial kingdoms

For I burn with thee...Oh mystical night
A union of spirit a bonding in blood
In the shadowed light of a waning moon
I invoke the worlds of deities infernal

Ancient flames, These candles in the night
Outer rays of light piercing blackened skies
Lost in the throes of my darkest fantasies
Aeons descend upon a blood-red twilight

Perceive the divine and roam:.forever!

Of worlds beyond the dying light of stars
Burns the ancient heart of sacred night

In undying bewilderment
I ponder in essence and awe...
...The Glories of the Nightsky

When all light has gone
As darkness falls
Nocturnal beasts arise
A requiem for the darkest of souls
I behold...The Glories of the Nightsky

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