Engage upon celestial essence
Draw upon the spirit of the night
A sovereign moon; ancient, arising
Scorching light devours the landscape

Reflections of Aeons, in my eyes
Veins flow with strength of flame
The end of all is at hand
A season turning, a cleansing of the blood

Extinguish the flame, rape the light
A prayer for the dead, escape for none

For the blood I yearn...
A sign of lunar enslavement!!!

Southern storms, servants of night
Mystical shores in time
Cosmic urge, desire
Withered souls are slain

For the blood I yearn...
A sign of lunar enslaved worlds

When the blood flows and all devours the Earth
All shalt fall before the reign of death
Allure... the blood of night
Moonlust... we die

Crimson leams of light
Lay waste to this world
Immortal souls embracing the night
I behold... an eclipse in blood...

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