Foto do artista Astriaal

Celestial Transcendence Of The Aphelion


Aeons deep freezing stratum, across abyssic seas
Of burning heavens, in veiled sorrow I dream
Through the blackest dimensions
Lay hidden worlds forlorn
Sensing thee, awaiting... unknown!

In times long forgotten, to roam eternity
Thy flesh is severed, thy spirit evolves unleashed
Shadowed, this path benighted
Despise the seething light...
Extinguished forever!
Eternal astral life, amidst cosmic divinity...
I drift away!
Where dreams are crystallized
Immortal I reign

Beyond all freezing light, entering
As the horns are raised
The sun is hidden before a fallen sky
Nocturnal end
A palace of fire, under cursed eyes
A defiant heart emerges in an ocean of flames
[Now lost] the pleasure of dreams

The earth is blackened, the sun forbidden to rise
Eclectic legend eclipsing cosmic light
The ocean's malice beguiles [thee] under mortal skies
Unbeknownst, The fires have decayed
Left in pieces, dies a world within
A planet freezing
A world without burning skies...
Burning skies!

So lords and kinsmen writhe
In a haven left to nature's reign
A frozen realm betrays
Immortal light entrances... yet raped!
Twas meant to be, This deep and fallen sky
For the forests have waned
Entire earth is laid beneath [entombed]
Crucified, an age of ice

Through the blackest dimensions
Lay hidden worlds forlorn
Ecliptic shrine... a freezing throne!

Final night arrives
As azimuth's suddenly white
As fire's life is reaped of all warmth
I fade away...

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