Solemn vision, A darkness so pure
In thine wrath bequeathed
Oceans born (upon) shores of creation
Cosmic order
For I am one with thee:one with thee!

Grand abyss thy seething entity
In mythical visions conceived
Astral liege command the labyrinth
Sovereign order, Infernal decree

For I bleed with the rivers
For I breathe with the wind
For I roar with thunder
Lost are they:unknowing!

I alone revere thee!

I channel emotions of elder insight
Unbound I've travelled horizons beyond
Vermilion shadows betray the light
My descent of spirit a mere passage in time

Eye:Of night's desire, I:Of earthly flesh
Inner dimensions, Darkness infinite

Illusionary visions
Of lost aeons deceived
Labyrinth of knowledge
Arise before me
The Shadow Gates

Grant me thy key!

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