Dawn of a new era upon us
The Dark Age has arrived
In dreams, Scarred olden visions
Revealed through eyes that have once seen :battle!
As blood stains the crimson soil
Spirits are unleashed

Arise from ancient slumber
Forefathers rest no more
From a spiritual wasteland
Unbound, Our longing for war
Memories forged in fire
Of steel and of flesh
Vengeance adorned
Millennial bloodshed

The blood of the dead flows through my veins
Embraced in flesh, A thousand souls condemned to ash
Empires shall rise amidst the flames
Shadows precede a blackened earth

The past it draws near
Alas, I forsee...the dawn of a new age!
The dawn of a new race...Misanthropic descendants
A cleansing so pure...Man's glorious rebirth is nigh

Shadows from another time, Speak to me
I hear their voices...I heed their call!

Primordial flame, Ethereal source
An age of fire, Man's spiritual dawn
Primeval knowledge, Nihilistic reign
An age of darkness, All life decays

With eyes aflame...we return to dust!

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