Take the last sip at the bottle,
Are you thirsty for some horror?
I wanna play a game and it's not Marco Polo,
If you want to you know who to follow,
You do the question; I'll give you the answer,
You don't need to be too nervous
Tur-tur-tur-turn the bottle a little faster,
Pla-pla-pla-play the game could make you fell better.

Are you ready?
Don't say you don't care,
I asked a question,
The answer you'll need to share,
If you don't wanna say it
I won't let you forget,
It's your time to choose,
Truth or dare.


Spinning like a hurricane, my heart is in my throat,
Why did you choose the dare? Where did the truth gone?
I'm daring you to answer what I wanna know,
Hey baby do you love me or I can live alone?
No no no just stop it,
I think it's too much,
I don't wanna be loved,
Don't wanna be stuck,
I was born to be lonely,
Born to have fun,
Hey baby, if you wanna play it,
You better get some luck.


Okay, just one more time,
I think that if you say the answer it won't be a crime,
I'm guilty for my curiosity,
If you see another guy it won't gimme jealousy.


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