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Final Touch


All the people live and die
In this place called "died world"
My God forgive the peoples
They don't know what they do
The ganancy just steal this place
The Judas betrays will forgive

The blood was launched into the door
And the plague could not entered
The Nile was opened by the chosen one
All those free peoples…happy
The time has taken to close again
The freedom was died in this time

"We are waiting for a final touch
Each shadow stolen from us
Our God die a little more
But him … so tired to try"

All the dirty to be a clean
The pride corrodes the faith
The disgrace this so untouchable world
The perfection now is destruction

Today the dollars stolen our souls
The hell despise the human race
The God despise the human race
Poison Hearts still the chaos
Times and times, and you not see
Dirty of peoples destroy the world

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