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And the things really never change
You want to give your lives
I can't leave the end of this floor
Dreams wherever are a (stupid) boushit
I just want to see a smiley, but…
I cannot see a heart in all you

I'm stay so blind here
This place are so cursed
I'm going away from here
As the angels had made before

Here life is a fate and pain law
Something that happens for happening
Rules are created for enrich the rich
And sink the poor still more
If will be war that you live wanting
Take your guns and fight all you

Curse your world
Curse your mind
Curse all that you feel
Curse all you curse

No, the life don't are for me
I can't see, I can't see
You don't need to kill you feelings
You don't need to be what you not are
He's simply don't want to live more
And I don't want to divide this pain

I did not want that was thus
No, I can't
I want to see this inside
But no…I can't

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