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My Own Darkness


My Own Darkness

All the nights in all this time
All the times in all this nights
Raising my own rejection
Keeping me in other place
Where nor me could find
In the light of your eyes
My darkness carries immortal

All the nights the time hung me
I got the key in my hands
The time put me in this nocturnal gallows
Blind me, world not made for me
The birds make the symphony where
Kill for an imperfect heaven
Key don't open the doors

My reality cries with me
The pain of a simple loser without faith
I can't leave of me and my face
Spotted by the hate that I bring with me
Maybe stop feeling me a solitary hero

In flames inside
With a violent hate

They are for there
Killing your dreams
Pursued the hero
For your own darkness
Killed dreams
Your best hero
In your own darkness

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