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Owners Of The World


I have you, see where you are, and see what you have become
He said you to kill, just kill
Fight, and when are in earth, continue fighting
Change your freedom to impediz they being free
Cry for not want be this monster
Dive in this sea of tears that humanity cried

Now you influence all to think with you
Either a puppet of Hitler, gain honor medals
Honor that only exists in Arians betrays
Burn in hell trying perpetuate your fuck race
Leave you children's, your brothers in the war
Dive in this sea of tears that humanity cried

Continue, do what you think be right
You don't have mercy, don't give your hand
You fight as a warrior until of end of days
Now call your god, you done wrong
You die saying the name of who made you to kill
Just not are coward as he were…

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