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Attracted to inside of world
With a destiny choused
I don't wanted for this nothing
But I found safety in the loneliness
I can't live in this lies
I can't live in this lies

You cannot take out my anger of me
In same manner that moon of sky

Kind of me stands afraid
Of leave the worlds see me
The other kind stays saying
That will be good his see me
I ever want for this, but I had fear
And still exists a kind of me
That it adores being so far
So that I don't need talk with peoples

Someone I can trust
Occulting my heart
I accepted all this, all this pain
Don't knew who one day this would come back

I tried to find one reason
Exists lies around of all
Exists the love that provides the hate
I hate the essence of life

Essence of Life….I hate the essence of Life

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