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Blood Sky


In the dark of a corrupt world
Imprisoned heads in a eternal grating
See through of critic eyes
Feel everything hidden
Do you believe in mirages?
Do you believe in dreams?

Machines to the front of everything
Controlling our lives, our world
We words are all in vain
We are here just for serving
Take out the censorship of your heart
Nobody's here are more of nobody's
Look to blue sky!
Look to blue sky!

The roots of our minds
Are sub jugged each curse day
Today you disdain our form to think
Tomorrow we are who will give the letters
The rage of your sucker attitude remains
And we with power kick you for far away
Look to blue sky!
Look to blue sky!

Look to this curse blue sky!
Of pains, dread and fears
Look to this curse blood sky!
That it destroys dreams and hopes

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