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I Am Alive

Oman Freestyle

Awake with my eyes open
waitin for the rain to stop
feeling the wind around me
hearing the drops surround me
take my hand, we're going to go

around, around
with no peace of mind
skies burrowing and rolling
stinging arrows shining from above
hurtling straight towards me

i live in the center of the universe
the world revolves around me
nothing you can say
will change what i see
my life is my love,
my love is by my side
as the rain falls tonight

i've been blind to what i feel
feeling what everyone else does
wishing i could finally have you
when i know i can't
the love that i had

the tears of the heavens
wash over me, and run down my eyes
clearing paths of dirt,
revealing my life of lies
turning me around with you in front of me

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