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I love you

Oman Freestyle

Girl your love is absolute to me,
Your the only thing I'll ever need,
Wanna be there wherever u r,
I wanna kiss you under a shooting star,
IIII nneeddd yyooou!!

I 'm needin u (2x to fade)
I'm wantin u (2x to fade)
Girl i need u
Girl i want u,
to know how much i love u,
Girl I really doooo...

Everytime u smile at me,
It means the world to me,
Girl when we get in fights,
You juss pick up n call me,
But i need to know,
If u really want to,
Do you really love me?,
because i know i love you.
I wish n hope u love me the way i think
u do,


Verse 3:
Your the only one i need n my life,
As time goes on ill ask u to b my wife,
I wanna b with u the rest of myy liiiife,
When we were kids i know we hardly knew eachother,
but now were older n im askin u to marry me,
I need to know Beeeecause..

Chorus..(fade out)

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